How do I remove Inbranded branding from my campaign

Olusegun Odufuwa

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To ease the process of publishing campaigns and generating images, Inbranded hosts campaigns under the inbranded domain as such campaigns have a URL like This is fine for the majority of users, however, in a special case you may want to host your campaign on your domain and remove the Inbranded branding from your campaign, this article goes over how this can be done.

How do I host my campaign on my domain/website?

A campaign can be hosted on a custom domain/website by embedding the campaign in a webpage under the domain/website, this can be achieved using the campaign's embed code. Here's a video tutorial that goes over how to do this.

How do I remove the "Powered by Inbranded" in my campaign on my domain/website?

This can be done by turning off the Include Inbranded footer option in the brand settings.

From the dashboard, click on settings and then the Brand tab, the option can be found at the bottom of the page.

Note: To turn off the Inbranded footer, you need to have purchased a minimum of 22k($19.99) credit on your account. If you get an error while turning the option, please purchase the minimum amount of credit and try again.

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