How do I configure auto-follow email?


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With Inbranded, you can automate follow-ups to your emails using Sequence. An email sequence enables you to automate follow-ups to people who open/click/do not open/do not click your original email.
Follow the steps below to send or schedule an email:

Step 1: From the dashboard, click Campaigns to go to the campaigns page.

Step 2: From the campaigns page, click on the desired email campaign to open the email analytics. Note: If the email is yet to be published, clicking the email opens the builder instead.

Step 3: From the campaign page, click on the Sequence tab, then click Create sequence.

Step 4: In the email builder, customize the email to your desired outlook and click Continue on the right of the top bar.

Step 5: In the publish sequence popup, choose the email destination, and enter the subject and the preview text.

Step 6: In the Send At section, choose the desired option to either save for later, send immediately or schedule in the future.

Step 7: Click on the publish campaign popup's call to action to apply the changes.

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